Vicky Report 01.11.15


Dear School Manager's

This is an update on this day and it's activities. All went well though the parents turn up was very low.

We received 25 parents only most of whom represented other parents as well.

The prevailing insecurity and socioeconomic situation perfectly justifies the low turn up.

Cecilia Etto of primary five who had been sick right from the beginning of the term but was not getting better despite, treatment given from both Ibba health Centre and a private clinic in Yambio. Was handed over to the parent to be taken for further medical investigations which are beyond what the school can offer.

The general performance of the girl's indicated improvement, the total marks of the leading students in both classes were higher than the marks they had obtained for end two tests.

This is a brief report on the day. We send to you our regards as Ibba family.

These are some of the photos.


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